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Latest version (stable):
SoftReel v2.20

Latest version (beta):
SoftReel v2.30b4


To contact us by e-mail, use one of the following:

support @

to report a problem or request help using one of our products (Tip: We recommend that you first consult the FAQ and/or troubleshooting documents included with each product, or visit our online support section for the most recent FAQ)

license @

to inquire about a distribution license

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to send in suggestions or features that you would like added to a future product release

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for general questions about Etymonix Inc. or any of our products

feedback @ to send in comments about our products, company or web site

Or you can contact us by post mail at:

Etymonix Inc.
43 Samson blvd, suite 134
Laval, Quebec 
H7X 3R8

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