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SoftReel Version History

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Latest version (stable):
SoftReel v2.20

Latest version (beta):
SoftReel v2.30b4


SoftReel Version History

New in 2.30 beta 4
  • NEW: "Display stream format" setting enables the display of basic stream information for a few seconds during video playback. The stream information includes the MPEG and chroma formats, the video resolution, the aspect ratio and the frame rate.
  • FIX: Improvements to installation program
  • FIX: In trial version, logo and trial overlays would sometimes appear distorted
New in 2.30 beta 3
  • NEW: "Enable VMR7 deinterlacing for third-party applications" setting fixes deinterlacing in TransEdit Preview window. However, because of potential side-effects on other apps, this setting is disabled by default. (thanks to Ed Rios)
  • FIX: Some non-intra streams displayed a black video output
New in 2.30 beta 2
  • FIX: Some non-intra streams displayed a black video output (thanks to Photoman and Chris)
  • FIX: Display mode setting implemented in version 2.30b1 was not working properly with EM2V/PIM2 AVI files
  • Performance improvements:
    • Increased maximum number of supported threads from 4 to 16
    • Tweaked processor detection to avoid using CPU features when they decrease performance (please report any significant performance drop from version 2.20, especially on Pentium M (Banias/Dothan), Core Solo/Duo (Yonah) and Pentium 4 (any NetBurst) processors)
    • FIX: Number of runtime threads is now dependent on each application's configuration (process affinity)
New in 2.30 beta 1
  • NEW: Display mode setting allows undistorted viewing of the left/right image of a side-by-side 3D video
  • NEW: Support for Windows 7
  • NEW: Added support for non-intra streams (thanks to Photoman)
  • NEW: Added support for field pictures
  • NEW: Improved support for non-standard MPEG-1 frame rates
  • FIX: Improved performance on AMD Geode GX processors
  • FIX: Some streams could cause a rare first-chance exception inside the debugger on multi-threaded systems
New in 2.20
NOTE: The DVD input format must be enabled for DVD playback (this option is disabled by default to avoid potential conflicts with third-party DVD applications)
  • Multiple fixes related to DVD playback:
    • FIX: Crash with third-party DVD Navigator filters when "Drop frames to keep audio and video synchronized" setting was enabled
    • FIX: DVD still pictures (menus) would not get displayed
    • FIX: Possible video corruption when using Overlay Mixer
    • FIX: DVBViewer freezes when starting DVD playback
    • FIX: MyTheatre 4.00 beta 11 freezes when starting DVD playback
    • FIX: VCD/DVD playback with CyberLink DVD Navigator fails the first time but works afterwards
    • FIX: Video freezes or remains black with DVD Navigator
  • FIX: Picture slideshow VCD/SVCD discs would not play properly
  • FIX: Improved frame rate change detection
  • NEW: Implemented support for various picture aspect ratios (5:4, 3:2, 8:5, 5:3 and 17:9)
  • FIX: Aspect ratio settings other than 'Automatic' would not work properly
  • FIX: Aspect ratio setting change now takes effect on-the-fly
  • FIX: Improved support for MPEG-1 streams
  • NEW: Experimental support for Windows 7 RC1
  • Minor performance optimizations
New in 2.10
  • NEW: In registered version, maximum number of simultaneous video streams that can be played is now unlimited for all v2.x user licenses
  • NEW: Enabled picture-in-picture (PiP) in third-party applications that support this feature, for all v2.x user licenses
  • NEW: SoftReel now works with ProgDVB
  • REGRESSION FIX: Seek while playing, seek while paused, or play after stop was broken in v2.10 beta 1, resulting in choppy video playback
  • To allow users to better evaluate the video quality, the bottom watermark in the trial version is now briefly displayed periodically (once every few minutes) instead of being permanently visible
  • Improved playback of unencrypted DVDs (but no menus yet)
  • Improved support of third-party DVD Navigator filters
  • Added DVD input format (MEDIATYPE_DVD_ENCRYPTED_PACK) to configuration settings to support Microsoft DVD Navigator (disabled by default to avoid breaking playback of encrypted DVDs)
  • FIX: Improved smoothness of video playback
  • FIX: In rare cases, loss of A/V sync was slow to recover
  • FIX: Start of playback was sometimes slightly jerky
  • FIX: Some pictures at start of playback were not being displayed
  • FIX: In DVBViewer Pro, Preview and Mosaic views would not work with single-stream licenses
  • Improvements for stability and robustness
  • Improved compatibility with third-party filters
  • Improved handling of non-standard streams
  • Renamed input/output pins to "MPEG In" and "Video Out" respectively
New in 2.10 beta 1
  • Numerous fixes and improvements for DVB applications (DVBViewer, DVBDream, MyTheatre)
  • Added deinterlacing support (performed by graphics cards) - NOTE: Deinterlacing is CPU-intensive
    • FIX: Horizontal bands and artifacts around moving objects in interlaced video when viewed on progressive display screens (thanks to Chris)
  • Added configuration setting to toggle deinterlacing (default is enabled)
  • Implemented 3:2 pulldown (telecine) support
    • FIX: Various playback problems (A/V sync, choppy video, video played too fast or too slow, stuttering audio) with some streams (including VOB files)
  • Microsoft MPEG-2 Demultiplexer is now supported (connection no longer fails)
    • FIX: Improves playback of captured DVB files
  • Improved video timing locking and accuracy
    • FIX: Intermittent black flash in DVBDream
    • FIX: A/V sync could drift over a long period of time in DVB applications
  • Added support for changes to the stream format (such as resolution):
    • FIX: In MyTheatre, audio plays but video remains black
    • FIX: Changing channels in DVB applications was not functioning properly
    • FIX: Video corruption (upside-down picture, wrong colors, slanted video, video wrapped around from bottom to top of window, video scaled incorrectly, video in top-left corner of window, duplicated image, etc)
    • FIX: Frame rate changes caused various playback problems (A/V sync, choppy video, video played too fast or too slow, temporary video freeze)
  • FIX: DVBDream crash when tuning some HD channels
  • FIX: Access violation with some channels in MyTheatre
  • FIX: Improved handling of non-standard streams
New in 2.01
  • CRITICAL FIX: On multi-processor systems (includes processors with Hyper-Threading Technology, processors with 2 or more cores, or multi-socket systems), a buffer overflow condition can occur with some MPEG streams, causing stack corruption and unexpected termination of the application
New in 2.00 final
  • FIX: Disabled "Use Overlay Mixer" setting in Windows Vista (playback would fail in Windows Media Player)
  • FIX: SoftReel license would immediately expire in a user account without Administrator privileges
  • FIX: A new installation of SoftReel would immediately expire if a prior version was not uninstalled properly
  • REGRESSION FIX (introduced in 2.00 beta 5): On Windows Me/98/95, playback could not resume after stopping
  • SoftReel setting "Use advanced video display (Overlay Mixer)" has been renamed to "Use Overlay Mixer"
  • Various improvements to install program
New in 2.00 beta 6
  • FIX: Improved image quality of interlaced frame pictures
  • Improved performance and stability on multi-processor systems
  • Enhanced robustness to corrupted streams
  • Improved compliance with MPEG-2 video standard
  • Eased debugging for developers by eliminating first-chance exception messages during playback
  • FIX: Rare memory access violations with some streams
New in 2.00 beta 5
  • Optimized for multi-processors (includes Hyper-Threading Technology, dual-core and quad-core processors), up to 4 cores total
  • FIX: In applications that use IAMMultiMediaStream, video played in a separate ActiveMovie window instead of the client window
New in 2.00 beta 4
  • Increased maximum resolution to 1920x1152 to support DVB streams
  • Implemented playback of MPEG-2 4:4:4 video streams
  • New input media types (MPEG-1 packet, MPEG-2 PES and MPEG-2 pack)
New in 2.00 beta 3
  • FIX: Video display corruption with JVC Everio camcorder files
  • New setting to select playback aspect ratio (useful when the wrong aspect ratio is encoded in a stream)
  • Redesigned Settings property page UI
  • Additional performance optimizations
New in 2.00 beta 2
  • FIX: Processor-specific performance regression introduced in beta 1
  • Implemented additional MMX/SSE performance optimizations for YUV output formats
  • Enabled optimizations for processors without SSE support (up to 20% faster)
  • Added support for any resolution with an even width (previously, the width had to be a multiple of 16)
New in 2.00 beta 1
  • MPEG-2 high-definition (HD) support (resolutions up to 1920x1080)
  • Support for all 18 ATSC formats (SDTV, EDTV, HDTV)
  • Up to 3 times faster performance than version 1.x
  • New MMX, SSE and SSE2 optimizations
  • Reduced CPU usage
  • Smoother video playback
  • Real-time playback of 1920x1080 HD streams
  • Support for 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • Support for any resolution with an even height (previously, the height had to be a multiple of 16)
  • Improved handling of corrupted MPEG-2 streams
  • Improved decoder stability
  • Improved seeking
  • Improved support for a wide range of CPUs (Intel, AMD, VIA, Transmeta)
  • MPEG-1 video decoding support
  • Experimental Windows Vista support
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) compatible
  • Simple one-click installation
  • Improved install/uninstall
  • Settings are now configurable per user
  • New configuration settings:
    • MPEG-1 video input
    • RGB output formats (RGB32, RGB24, RGB565, RGB555)
    • NV12 output format
    • Display frames with errors
  • Numerous fixes and improvements, including:
    • FIX: Unable to playback after seeking in some files
    • FIX: Various cases of bad/corrupted blocks
    • FIX: Potential deadlock with corrupted streams
    • FIX: Video was sometimes slanted when using RGB output formats
    • FIX: Standard user accounts can now modify configuration settings
    • FIX: End of playback issues

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